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5350 Tryavna

   Dimitar Gorov Str.

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     While walking around the quite streets of the Renaissance town of Tryavna, having the beautiful slopes of the Balkan Mountains as a background, you will definitely feel the magic of this paradise corner. But if you choose to stay in Zornitsa Guest House you will easily touch the spirit and the traditions of the local people.

     Zornitsa House is situated only 200 m away from the center and the symbol of Tryavna – the Tower Clock, well-known all over Bulgaria. The pretty and newly built three-storey building can guarantee to its guests calmness and coziness.

     Zornitsa House offers all the conveniences to provide a holiday of full value and unforgettable experiences. Hospitality, coziness and warmth in the lap of the Tryavna Balkan.          Zornitsa House is located in the ideal center of the town of Tryavna. It can accommodate 17 people in one apartment, one three-bed room, 5 double rooms.

     Zornitsa House is open throughout the year. It is ideally heated in the winter, which contributes to your feeling of comfort and coziness.



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